What do we treat?

At Marlow Psychology we have extensive experience in psychological treatment approaches enabling people to make helpful changes in their lives, whether that be changing something they are unhappy with, dealing with difficult personal or interpersonal situations, or overcoming a range of presenting problems and mental health conditions.

Regardless of the problem, our aim is to help you understand it, work with you on developing ways to manage and overcome it, and give you the skills and strategies needed to deal confidently with issues into the future. If any of the following areas are causing you concern, then contact us and we will help:

  • depression & low mood
  • anxiety & panic
  • psychological adjustment difficulties
  • self confidence
  • anger management
  • complex grief & loss
  • setting healthy relationship boundaries
  • separation & divorce
  • abusive relationships
  • life transition issues
  • acute & chronic stress
  • occupational burnout
  • managing demands when caring for elderly relatives
  • living with someone with a mental health problem
  • We specialise in coping with physical illness and health problems:
    • Coping with illness can be a significant challenge for the individual as well as their family. We have extensive experience in helping people and families to cope better with health problems and in psychological approaches applied to medical specialties such as oncology, cardiology, diabetes, respiratory and rheumatology. We are also experienced in the highly sensitive issues of end-of-life care and in bereavement support.
  • Other psychological issues e.g any other area of life requiring change:
    • If you have a problem, or an area of your life that you want to change and you feel that seeking psychological treatment may be of help to you, then please send us an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how or if we can help. If we are unable to assist you, we will be able to advise you as to the appropriate services for your concerns.

Other Services

Professional clinical supervision

Marlow Psychology has many years experience of providing clinical/psychological skills supervision in the NHS to a range of health professionals. We specialise in using an integrative approach and aim to provide a working alliance which is safe, encouraging and challenging enough to facilitate practitioner development. This includes:

  • Fostering a supportive and confidential environment in which you feel free to discuss moral and ethical dilemmas and ensure you are working within professional guidelines. 
  • A space to talk openly about any professional or personal issues that impact on your practice.
  • Time for reflection, to identify any development needs to ensure that you are able to work competently and confidently. 
  • Safety to express doubts, fears and explore blind spots in your work with clients